Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Watching Oprah---hmmm '"declutter"?????

Oprahs show this morning is about decluttering your home and getting rid of stuff. The guest just said that the "stuff takes over and it robs you". Uh-oh, is this show about me???


primdollie said...

well hey girl have tried to email you and have posted here on your blog!! hope all is well think of you all the time and hope all is well!!! would LOVE to hear from you and see what's up!!! besides like me a messy cluttered house!!!!!! NO NOT US!!!! hope you are all staying warm!!! Hugs Linda

artsyfran said...

I think Oprah is talking to all creatives! LOL xox, fran

vicci said...

That sure includes me...I can't stay ahead of "the clutter" for anything! I no sooner get the studio cleaned....then start another project...and have to clean all over's a CIRCLE that never stops!!! :-)