Saturday, October 27, 2007

Coming down the home stretch...

Here are the pix of my contribution (23 pages) to the "Skinny Book Swap" hosted by Chrysti Hydeck. They are 4"x8" mixed media original art. I am happy to say that (besides one more month of a Calendar Journal Round Robin) the completion of this project marks the end of my current swap commitments.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Some New Fun Backgrounds...

For a very long time now, I have envied the wonderful Acrylic Backgrounds created by my very talented fellow artist (the other Schneider!!) Belinda Schneider---see her blog "Bel's Nook" at . She does all this fabulous artwork on these very complicated looking backgrounds and I love each and every piece she creates! I own two pieces of her art---an ATC that she sent to me some time ago so I could see an example of her backgrounds and a fabulous Gothic Arch page that I received recently as part of a Gothic Arch Collaborative project that I participated in with her and 12 other women. So, to make a long story short, I was at my favorite Barnes and Nobles several weeks ago doing what I like to do best---drinking a Starbuck's Latte and browsing the new magazines. I sat down with my stack of magazines and my latte and started to flip through the new Rubber Stamper Magazine. The first thing that caught my eye (on page 22 of the August/September issue) was an article titled "Fun With Acrylic Backgrounds" by the talented Belinda Schneider of Luxumbourg, Luxembourg!!! I don't usually purchase (I just take a peek at it while I am at the bookstore) this particular magazine anymore since Rubber Stamping is no longer the focus of my art, BUT I HAD TO HAVE THIS ONE!!!! Her article is an exceptionally well written one with lots of pictures and EASY to follow directions!!! So there you have it!! I am now fascinated with and busy making Acrylic Backgrounds to use in some of my ongoing projects!! I have quite a few more drying in my kitchen. I will post more later. I will also post some of my completed projects once they are done.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Back to 1x1's (just love those mini masterpieces!!)

Some time ago (I don't remember when), I signed on for a 1x1 swap called "One Hundred Inchies In One Hundred Days". This project is being hosted by the wonderful Trudi Sissons (her blog---Two Dresses Studio) up in Canada. She is a terrific hostess---very low key and no "guilt trips" or pressure for delayed mailings. My dream kind of swap---where I don't feel the pressure of a rigid, looming deadline. Serious deadlines = creative block for me sometimes. Not only is Trudi a great hostess and talented artist, she has great recipes and holiday ideas to share. She celebrated Canada's Thanksgiving this past weekend and she shared her "secret plan" for the holiday. I am thinking of duplicating her plan for my family Thanksgiving next month!!! I am anxious to hear how all turned out for her so I can tweak it a bit before I put it into action!!!

Here are the scans of my Inchies for the swap and a few more that are just for my own collection!

The Audrey's and the Marilyn's are for my own collection....

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gothic Arch Template for you....

Gothic Arch Template
Originally uploaded by luvs2create2
Feel free to download this template for your Gothic Arch Art!! Join the Gothic Arch Art group on Flickr and share your creations!!!

Something I've been up to....and you are invited to join!!

In the last month or so I have gotten hooked on creating art in the Gothic Arch shape. If you scroll down a little on my blog you can see several samples of my newest obsession! I participated in a Gothic Arch Book Swap with twelve other talented artists (all overseas) and received back the most incredible pages in the swap back last week (I will scan the pages later and post them to the blog for you to see). Receiving these beautiful pages motivated me to start a Gothic Arch Art group on Flickr! This group is a place for anyone who enjoys creating (or would like to create) using the Gothic Arch shape. It will be a place to share your art and to view art from others. It will be fun to see all the different interpretations of the Gothic Arch Shape. So far there are 26 members and we are beginning to see some beautiful pieces of art added to the group page. I would like to invite all of you who are reading this to take a peek and join us if you'd like. The arch shape lends itself to any kind of art and any kind of medium. There is no limitation to size---big, small, tall, wide, skinny, whatever you would like. The only rule is that it has to curve and come to a point at the top! Here is the link to the group Gothic Arch Art on Flickr.

I will be uploading a Gothic Arch template in my next post. I posted it on the Flickr group site earlier, but there seems to be a problem with downloading it, so I will add it here and link it to the site. This is only one template for an arch---it does not mean that you need to create your arches with this template only! This is just an example for those who are not familiar with the shape.

Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

In addition to my last post and confession (two more)....

I have been in a really strange mood for the past week or so. Kinda blue and depressed. There is absolutely not a thing or reason for me to feel that way---it is just the way I am wired (weird in October---hmmm...weird/wired kind of the same???). I usually don't get very personal on my blog. I have always pretty much stuck to posting my art and very generic "fluff" stuff. Don't know what is wrong with me, but here I go again.....

NO. 1 NEW CONFESSION FOR THE EVENING (aka more than you ever really wanted to know about me):

I was mad at my husband tonight after dinner so I did my "I'm mad at you and I'm gonna disappear for the evening thing" (am I bad or what???). I left Joey and Steve to fend for themselves---poor boys! Where did I go? I went to where I always go when I disappear---to my local Barnes and Nobles!! I buy a Starbucks, Triple, Venti, Non-Fat, 3 Equal, NO FOAM Latte and then I do..........

NO. 2 CONFESSION: I sit in a comfy chair and read all of the Art Books and Art Magazines that I know I will never buy----AND I take notes on the few things that interest me. I am really bad aren't I???? And you all thought that I was a really nice person---better take another look!!! Maybe it has to do with my recent RED HAIR dye job (love my hair red!!), or the funky boho/hippy real vintage, hand tooled pocketbook I bought on ebay for $20 bucks. Maybe it is the "real"??? me coming out????? The wanna be me with a little bit of attitude??? Maybe it is the full moon earlier this week---did you see that Harvest Moon??? It was amazing!

So friends, that is what I have been up to today! Maybe the "blues" are passing. Come back for an update soon.

I've also done a bit of art the past few weeks while I wasn't blogging. I have it scanned, I just haven't taken the time to upload it. I will try to do that later tonight. Bye for now!

I'm still here (also titled A Hoarder's Confession!!)

One of my obsessions...

written earlier today and posted to my ZNE blog...

I just got home from picking my grandson Joey up from school. For those of you who are just getting to know me, I am raising my 4-1/2 year old grandson and enjoying every minute of it!!! Want to know one of my dark secrets???? Want to know what I do on Monday afternoons after I drop Joey off at school??? Well....even if you don't want to know, I'm gonna tell you! I do my ritual walk through my local Joann's, Michaels and Hobby Lobby with those hot little coupons in my hot little hands. Up and down EVERY aisle! I am a woman possessed---looking for something to spend my 40% discount coupon on! Most weeks I just can't seem to find anything that I"have to have" (that is amongst the full price/couponable items). I love the weeks that all the new magazines come out! I wouldn't think of buying them for full price. They are usually available at my local Border's and Barnes and Nobles at least a week to ten days earlier, but I try to be patient!! As a last ditch thing, if I can't find ANYTHING else that I really want or need, I buy one of the Golden Mediums at Michaels (my Michaels still carries Golden products) or some kind (any kind) of adhesive. You know how we artists need to keep the supply closet, drawer, room, basement, etc. loaded with stuff!!!! Today I purchased a jar of Golden Regular Matte Gel at Michaels and two silly pencil cases at Joann's (from the $1.00 bin!!!). I am obsessed and this is a sickness---but, not a bad one to have I guess!! At least it all keeps me happy!!! Anyone else out there have a similar ritual???? Hmmmmm....or is it just me??