Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm always running it just me???

I seem to always be running behind in life and playing catch up. I have been trying to find ways to keep on track but so far none have worked for me. I realized recently that one of the things that eats up most of my time is the internet, so I have tried to spend less time online. Did that work.....NO. I'm still behind in the rest of my life and now I'm behind in cyberspace as well! I owe a zillion (maybe not quite a zillion!) email replies, I need to post comments on many of the fabulous blogs I read, I need to update my own blog, I need to mail out some things that I promised to mail and haven't yet and I owe several really big thank yous to friends who have done nice things for me. So.....if you have e-mailed me or snail mailed me recently or called me on the phone in real life and you haven't received a reply, please accept my apology and hang in there with me---you will hear from me soon!

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Quinn McDonald said...

Sounds familiar. I linked here from the AU Yahoo group. After years of never having enough time (and I'm a full-time artist, dammit!) I realized it was all about creative discipline--the housework can go to hell, I've got to be in the studio. That worked really well! Even did an article about it. Best,
--Quinn McDonald