Friday, December 15, 2006

Last post for a while...

Lit at dusk
- Originally uploaded by Gone Postal
I just love Palm Trees with Christmas Lights and spending the holidays in Florida!! I found this pix and I thought it would be perfect for my pre-vacation post. Happy Holidays to all...I will not be posting for a while. I am going on vacation to see my mom in Florida over the holidays.

The Obsession Continues...

My contribution to the
"True Colors" Blue 1x1 Squares
Altered Art Obsession Group Swap

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A charm for JoAnna....

I posted several days ago about a collaborative effort to create a book and a charm bracelet for our fellow artist JoAnna Pieroti. I posted the page I am contributing to the book at that time, and tonight I am posting the charm I made for her bracelet.

The 100 1X1 Mini Swap is home and mounted...

This was such a fun swap. I loved every minute of creating my little tiny masterpieces---and I am just thrilled with my returns from this swap. For those of you who were not a part of this swap, it was hosted by the fabulous Julie O'Neil (TisJewel's Blogspot) on the Altered Art Obsession Yahoo group. The instructions for this swap were to create 100 1x1 collages. They had to have an image and some text. We also had to agree to mount the returns and display them for the other participants. So, here are my 100 mounted 1x1 mini collages!

Saturday, December 02, 2006



I entered another drawing this week on the amazingly, talented Kathy Wasilewski's Blog "Altered Antiquity". She is holding a weekly drawing on her blog called Freebie Friday to help clean out her studio of an over abundance of STUFF (if you are one of the regular readers of my blog, I know that you understand the meaning of overabundant STUFF)! This weeks drawing included (quoting directly from her blog) a LARGE LOT of beautiful handmade papers (see pix above). The papers include an assortment of mulberry, textured, fibered, and natural plants which are embedded into the paper. A wide range of colors and thicknesses which can be utilized in rubber-stamping and card-making as well as collage work. There are about 5 pieces included for each color, although a few of them only contain 2 or 3 sheets depending on what she had in stock!! COULD I BE ANY LUCKIER??? ARE YOU ALL JEALOUS??? I love all kinds of paper---but especially handmade paper. And this is the 3rd drawing I have won in the last 2 months!!! I hope people will not start banning me from entering their drawings---this is way too much fun. THANK YOU KATHY---you are the best!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Thinking of one of our "Art Sisters"

Several weeks aga a fellow "Art Sister", JoAnnA Pierotti was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I don't know JoAnnA personally, but we seem to hang out in some of the same places (several Yahoo Art Groups) and I am an avid reader of her blog. I love her artwork---she is a very talented artista. Another wonderful artist and friend, Lelainia Lloyd from Canada (check out her blog "Tattered Edge" please) took on the responsibility of hosting a wonderful collaborative project entitled "Breast Friends" to show JoAnna how much her friends in the art community care about her. Each participant was required to create a page for this wonderful book which Lelainia will bind together and send to JoAnna. Each participant will also make a charm to be attached to a charm bracelet for JoAnna to wear as a sign of our love and support. JoAnna had surgery last week and as of todays installment on her blog, things seem to be looking up for her. Please say a prayer for her or drop her a note of support. Remember we are all sisters and we all need to stand together. I completed my page for her book---now I need to finish the charm. Here is the page...

If you haven't seen enough...another view!!!

This one is taken from my front porch...
Hope you are somewhere warm!


The view from my kitchen patio door...
hmmm...think I should move to Phoenix???
maybe Florida????