Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How I kept out of trouble last night...

Spent last night out with my good friend Sandy Mayfield at Stampology Chicago. This is a wonderful stamp shop located in Chicago. The owner Dave and the staff are friendly, helpful and fabulous. We created these fun holiday cards using the Hanko Designs Paper Quilting technique. Not only did we create four cards (all supplies included), we feasted on pizza and pop---all part of the class!! We also had the opportunity to meet some lovely artsy women (who live really close to Sandy) who invited us to come back and stamp with them on Friday for a special class making cards using Adirondack Daubers. This class includes an Italian meatball and pasta feast. The food is being provided by a tiny Italian Deli (can't remember the name right now) that is two doors down from Stampology Chicago. Sandy, Harriet (not available last night) and I ate there a couple of weeks ago on Dave's recommendation. We all had the Italian beef---IT WAS THE BEST ITALIAN BEEF I have ever had!! It was home made beef that was sliced to order for each sandwich. Not the kind that sits boiling in gravy all day. Last night Sandy and I stopped in for a small snack prior to class and shared a meatball sandwich. Yummy meatballs and awesome marinara sauce. The sandwich's are only $3.50 each!!! Unbelievalbe!! They have all kinds of pasta's, sauces and goodies to go. I think I need to stock up my freezer for some easy, tasty, homemade dinners! Enough about food---here are the cards from last night!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's a "Cherry Pie" Christmas!!

I just completed a set of 6 Christmas Ornaments for a swap with the talented ladies on the Cherry Pie Art Stamp Yahoo Group. The rules were that the ornaments had to be star shaped and they had to include a Cherry Pie Art Stamps image. This is my contribution. I am anxiously waiting for the return swap. I'm sure that each and everyone will be fabulous!!!

Thanksgiving 2006...Our new family tradition!

Actually we began this tradition last year and continued it this year. We bundled up and headed to downtown Chicago for the annual Thanksgiving Day parade. It was warmer this year than last, so it was way more fun. We had a blast and will probably make this one a keeper. The down side is that it is pretty impossible to cook the Thanksgiving feast when you are not home for most of the day. We had dinner out---it's just not the same.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am so lucky...thank you Lia

The following beautiful, lovely, awesome Art Card was sent to me by Lia (aka) "ArtJunkGrl" as a prize for entering (and winning!) her "Collage Giveaway" on her blog!!! Please check her blog out---she is a very talented and creative artist and I am very happy to be one of her "bloggy" friends! If you haven't been reading my blog much lately, I have been very lucky in the past few weeks. I have won two wonderful prizes---this one and also a lovely collage (scroll way down to see) created by the fabulous DJ Pettitt. I have never been this lucky before---something new for me!!! I am pushing my luck a bit, I put my name in a drawing on Kathy Wasalewski's Altered Antiquity Blog for a set of Dr. Matins Inks. She is having a "Freebie Friday" to give away some of her accumulated STUFF! You know what I mean, the "stuff" that you HAVE TO HAVE and that you never use!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed---I have always wanted to play with these. We will have to see if my luck holds out!
Thanks again Lia!!!