Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am so lucky...thank you Lia

The following beautiful, lovely, awesome Art Card was sent to me by Lia (aka) "ArtJunkGrl" as a prize for entering (and winning!) her "Collage Giveaway" on her blog!!! Please check her blog out---she is a very talented and creative artist and I am very happy to be one of her "bloggy" friends! If you haven't been reading my blog much lately, I have been very lucky in the past few weeks. I have won two wonderful prizes---this one and also a lovely collage (scroll way down to see) created by the fabulous DJ Pettitt. I have never been this lucky before---something new for me!!! I am pushing my luck a bit, I put my name in a drawing on Kathy Wasalewski's Altered Antiquity Blog for a set of Dr. Matins Inks. She is having a "Freebie Friday" to give away some of her accumulated STUFF! You know what I mean, the "stuff" that you HAVE TO HAVE and that you never use!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed---I have always wanted to play with these. We will have to see if my luck holds out!
Thanks again Lia!!!


artsyfran said...

Hey there! You lucky gal! :) I got my AU fat book stuff and I love your addition! :)

Hope you're doing well.

lia said...

you are so very kind, Shari. I am so glad you like it. I hope you keep winning too! there are so many generous artists out there! DJ Petitte? You hit the motherload there!
I love your artwork also, you were the first to "catch my eye" with the 1" squared pieces. beautiful work. keep going! see you on the blog and AAO! xxoo Lia

Sandy said...

Hey, play the lotto. Your lucks good right now and I need a loan. :smiles: congrats, girlie