Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The whole sordid story...

(compiled for Laura Duet's Faux Family Album)
Mildred Elizabeth Trent (born 1869-died 1969)

Mildred Elizabeth Trent (see photo in previous post) was the youngest daughter of Abigail Alice and Henry Adam Trent. She was born on October 31, 1869 (a crisp fall day bright with sunshine and blue skies). She lived a long life, passing on almost 100 years to the day on November 1, 1969. Although she lived a long life, it was not a happy one. She never married and died a spinster. As a young woman, she had dreams of Paris and visiting the newly constructed Eiffel Tower. She also dreamed of being married and having many children. Sadly, neither was meant to be for her. She found it hard to maintain a long-term relationship with any one man, and was quite fond of drinking “the family recipe”. To the shock of her parents, family and neighbors, she was quite a promiscuous young miss and openly flaunted her liaisons and adulterous relationships with an assortment of young and old men alike. To the dismay of the neighbor women, many of these men were their husbands and sons. She outlived most of her friends and family and in the end she died an old and lonely woman. It seems she liked “IMAGINARY MEN” most of all.


Rella (Cindy) said...

Oh My!!! Quite a story!! Living to be 100 is an amazing accomplishment for a very colorful gal

I love the new look here Shari...it makes it more fun when it's more "you"

Best ~ Rella

Sandy said...

Oooh, what a colorful life this woman led. I'm amazed that one of the wives didn't set her home on fire with her in it. Ooops, maybe that's just what I would have done. Her picture should be next to the definition of homewrecker. Guess it's true that the good die young because this woman lived a long life. It's fun imagining these lives isn't it.