Thursday, November 01, 2007

One more Calendar Journal to work in and I will be finsihed!!

Here are the pix of the artwork that I created in Vale McFadden's October 2007 Calendar Journal. This journal was the second to the last journal I will be working in this year. It is now on it's way to Joanne Huffman in Michigan. I will begin working in Joanne's journal later this week---the final one!!! At the end of November this year long collaboration will come to an end. Joanne's journal will return home to her and my journal will make it's way home to me. As always, thanks for looking and commenting!


Viola said...

Wonderful pages again, Shari! So gorgeous!!

Hermine said...

Absolutelty fabulous.

kathy mc said...

Shari, I just love to look at your work. You have a very unique style.

Kristin Hubick said...

I love your work! Please let me know if you would ever like to exchange blog links!

Aquaréelle said...

Bonjour Shari !!!
Je vais moi aussi de ce pas te rajouter à mes liens préférés, je te remercie de ta gentillesse et pour toutes ces merveilles que je peux voir sur ton blog...

Grosses bises (je reviendrais souvent aussi !!!)

SHARI said...


Thanks to all for your lovely comments! The above sweet commentary is in French---I have been using an internet translator site to translate into English. The above comment translated is this:

"Good morning Shari!!!
I also have taken the step to add you into my favourite links, I thank you for your kindness and for all these marvels which I can see on your blog...

Love and kisses (I would come back often also!!!)"

What a miracle the internet is that it allows us to meet and make friends all over the world.
-hugs, shari xoxox

Anonymous said...

Really super!

Magickdiva said...

Hi - I was told about your site by Marina owner of Cherry Pie Stamps - so glad I found you - I love your work!

Aquaréelle said...

Tu dis : "What a miracle the internet is that it allows us to meet and make friends all over the world.
-hugs, shari xoxox"

Extraordinaire Internet !!! Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec toi !!

Grosses bises Shari !! xoxo

A bientôt !