Wednesday, August 01, 2007


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So much to do and so little time!!! It is now 11:30 PM DST and I will be leaving for Phoenix and Art Unraveled in three days!! I am posting some of my current finished art and finishing art projects that have deadlines in the next 2-1/2 weeks. I will be glad to be finished with all projects---then I can start to pack. I have all that I need to bring with (clothes, art supplies, etc.), so I just need to gather it together and pack wisely. Last year I was 16 pounds over the airlines weight limit and needed to re-do my luggage out on the curb before checking it in. The extra weight was going to cost $50.00 and I decided that it would be way more fun to have those extra dollars to spend at Art Unraveled!!! More pix to come....


Dawn Sellers said...

These gothic arches are lovely - are they for a swap? Hope you have a great time at Art Unraveled.

sue said...

The arches are just wonderful! And the music--I'm sitting here singing along as I type, love that song!