Thursday, March 01, 2007

I've been meaning to post this...

My charms from the Art Unraveled Yahoo group arrived last week. This scan does not do them justice. I love every one of them and I can't wait to meet all of the participants from this swap when I attend Art Unraveled 2007 this summer. I still am expecting to receive charms from another swap I participated in on the International Charm Exchange group---I can't wait for them to arrive. These swaps are so much fun! I love working on the charms (almost as much as I love working on the 1x1's!!). I will post the next group as soon as I receive them!


belinda said...

woohoo ... this is fantastic!!! you lucky gal! loove all the different ideas and details.

Kari said...

The world has gone charm crazy at the moment. I just got mine back from Dawn Sellers' Oh So Charing swap and am so pleased with them! I definitely want to make more.

The ones you have here are gorgeous - I particularly love the wee pencil and the wooden face. Lovely treasures all though.

Kari x

Janet said...

The charms are so gorgeous. I like them all but I think that little short pencil is my favorite. Also the moon face but then I'm always partial to those.
Which one did you make?