Monday, October 23, 2006

OK, I've never done this before---ANYONE interested???

I recently become aware of a FABULOUS swap that was just completed by a group of 25 very talented artists and hosted by Ruth Rae. You can view many of the individual charms including step by step instructions from many of the artists on Ruth Rae's blog, Simply Charming. I am so jealous that I was not a part of this swap that I am thinking of (I can't believe that I am saying this) hosting my own charm swap!!! Here is a pix of the finished bracelet---

Please let me know if there is any interest out there. We would need at least 25 participants to make it a go (we need to have a REALLY chunky bracelet!!) and I might need some organizational help since I am swap host inpaired (never done it before). What do you think???? Please let me know and PLEASE feel free to jump in even if you have already participated in the Simply Charming swap!! And just to let you know, I would not be opposed to somebody else jumping in and hosting/co-hosting!!!


Ruth Rae said...

Can you please email me at: so I can give you a few tips on your swap :)

artyinaz said...

I think you should host the swap anyway! I'd participate!

lia said...

me too! I don't know how to do one, but I will try it. from one impulsive to another!

p.s. you won the giveaway card so I will have your address for the swap. lol!

kathywas said...

Hey Shari...if you want to still do a charm bracelet swap, I say "go for it"! Maybe if you do one that is due after the Holidays, more people would be willing to play. You could always set one up as a "private invite", too! Who could turn YOU down??!!

Since there are some others going on at the moment, perhaps you could come up with some kind of a different "twist" on True Color charms, or alphabet charms, or interactive charms?? Or maybe something where people have to make a charm symbolizing the first letter of their name? I'm just rambling here, but the point it if you want to! I think by inviting the people that you'd like to have play, you would have less chance of people "dropping out" on you at the last minute. If you need help continuing on with this project, just let me know!

vicci said...

Oh yeah...I'll have a go at this for sure!

vicci said...

Oh yeah...I'll have a go at this for sure!