Friday, October 27, 2006

I have found and joined a charm swap...BUT, I am still vacillating on holding my own too!!

I'm a crazy woman huh??? I was directed to a current charm swap being held by Amber Dawn, please check out her blog and her Yahoo Group Charms2007swap by my "new best friend", the marvelous Heather Simpson-Blum. The swap is for either 21 for 20 or 42 for 40 (I've elected the 21 for 20 choice). I am happy to say that Amber has set up very well defined guidelines, which will insure this to be a very artistic and quality swap. I am excited about participating and if anyone wants more information, just let me know and I will show you the way!!

As far as the vacillating about holding my own swap---I have had several people show interest (even though I said it wasn't going to happen!). Actually, I have received quite a lot of encouragement and ideas and I am once again seriously thinking about doing this after the first of the year---this would be in addition to the one I am participating in now. So...look for future updates!! JUST LOVE these little charms---kind of like the 1x1 mini collages!!!


Ruth Rae said...

your so cute!
I just found your blog this morning :)
Amber dawn is a doll baby and I use to be in a lot of her swaps years ago... she is a great hostess and and the girls in her swap are great!

when you decide to host our own charm swap please let me know and I will post it on the simply charming blog.
and I can send you the guide lines from my swap if you would like to see them :)

inventivesoul said...

I got over here to post a comment to let you know that WHEN you Do host your swap, to please invite me... then I saw Ruth's comment on me, and it made me laugh!
(Thanks Ruth!)
Amber Dawn

Raquel said...

Hi--I am in Ambers charm swap too. When her swap is over, and if you decide to have another charm swap, I would like to participate in yours. Raquel