Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oh---and it's supposed to be interesting!!!

So I am adding a little interest!!! This is a 12x12 mixed media collage I finished a few days ago. It is a technique that I learned at Art Unraveled in a class taught by Gail Russakov . The class was called "Tasty Textured Squares" and it was fabulous!! It was my very favorite class and I will use this technique often. I will post a pic of the original piece that I completed in her class (that one was orange---you know, my very FAVORITE color!!).


kathywas said...

This is so cool, Shari! Would love to hear the process. Are each of the squares dones separately and then glued onto a master background? And how are each of the squares created?

You know that you can't entice us with this gorgeous artwork and not tell us how it was done!!

Sandy said...

I think I like this one even more than the orange one!!! Maybe because of the rich color. Anyways, This is fabu!!!! You have been a busy girl.

Cindy said...

This is incredibly fab!! You were at AU??? I attended, also, but by the time I decided, I was not able to take the classes I wanted. I had no excuse as I live 30 minutes East of the AU site!!! Are you going next year? I know it will be at a different location. Are these all little squares?
Best ~ Cindy