Saturday, July 29, 2006

I found "Traci Bunkers' Blog"

While signing up for Art Unraveled, I came upon artist/teacher Traci Bunkers. Her classes were filled, so I will be unable to take a class with her, but I hope to meet her and see some of her work in person while in AZ. Her Journal Pages are phenominal---check out her blog!

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Traci Bunkers said...

Hmmm, I left a comment, and it didn't show up. I'll try again.

Thanks! I'm glad you like my journal pages. Someone was trying to sell a ticket to one of my classes--I think the transfers class--she's not able to make it. So you might check the Art Unraveled yahoo group for the info!

Aside from teaching there, I'll also have a vendor table on Saturday. So come in and say hi! I'm hoping to have a new issue of Tub Legs! And, I'll have some new Rubber Stamps. So new, I'm still in the process of designing them . . .

See you there!