Sunday, June 25, 2006


I need your input...I am going out of town for two weeks (to Naples, FL) Anyone live there?? I would like to bring some art to work on while I am there. I would like to travel somewhat light if I can, so I need suggestions for my "travelling art kit". What do you think I need to bring?? What do you bring when travelling? All help appreciated!


kathywas said...

Ugh, this is a hard one! Personally, I'm one of those people who hate to drag a lot of stuff with me when I need to do artwork someplace other than home. Do you have any particular projects that you need to get done that you could prepare for? Such as collecting the images and papers that you might want to use. Of course you need scissors, and adhesive. Forget the paints...too many colors and too messy. Good luck with THIS project! I don't envy you..LOL!

primdollie said...

Well Hi honey!! hope the trip goes well!! need a small journal,favorite pen,or pencil whatever to write with (something that will go over everything!) scissors, paper you pick up wherever you are for collage pieces, a glue stick, one of those brushes that have a little water well in the bottom (forget the name) and a pak of peerless water color papers,and maybe a fav stamp or 2 and a couple ink pads (distress cuz small) and try to fit all into a cigar box or something easy to carry and all will fit in!!! how does that sound? well have a safe trip and email me ok!!! miss you! wish you were here!
love ya Linda