Thursday, March 30, 2006

I just can't get enough of these little things!!

I am just loving making these little Scratch Board pieces!!! I just am so pleased with the result---here are a few more!


primdollie said...

OH MY goodness these just rock!! will have to tell me all about how you did them but love the girl one best and she has all the colors that I love very cool dear!!! wishing I was there to play too!!!
Hugs Linda

LoriLaurieLauri said...

So, do you have one of those lovely boots, too? I didn't know.

Love the house chunky book and these scratch board pieces! Any tutorials on the scratch board stuff??? Please??? (Insert big, brown puppy dog eyes, here. It always works for Steven! ha!)

vicci said...

Oh My...I do love these! Tell me how!!!???????

Shari said...

OK Vicci, here goes!!

These were so easy you won't believe it! The white clayboard is such a great surface to work on! The finished product kind of reminds me of using alcohol inks on dominoes but easier.

Basic supplies you need: several colors of dye based ink pads (any brand---I used Adirondac), a permanant black pad (I used Memories Black), a scratching tool (I bought a cheap one for $6.00) & make up sponges.

Optional extras: Clear Embossing Powder, spray sealer (matte or glossy), Diamond Glaze, & Metallic Leafing pens.

Use sponges to dab or smear and blend two or three colors of ink on scratch board. Work fast because the dye ink drys really quick. Next, stamp image(s) with black ink. Use scratch tool to define some of the areas of the stamped image. On the crow I selected feathers, whites of the eye, beak and feet. The scratching gives it real depth. I overstamped with a crackle stamp to give it an aged look. I sponged the edges with the black ink and I was done!!!

The optional things you can do: Highlight and edge with metallic pens. Clear emboss over the whole top (requires at least two coats---first coat is too bumpy). Spray with glossy or matte sealer. Cover with Diamond Glaze.

Hope this explains it---have fun creating :)

hugs, shari xxx

Contessa Kris said...

These are fabulous! What type of board did you use? I've never heard of scratch board or clayboard. Matte-board I know! ha Thanks for the instructions. I will be trying this as soon as I find this type board.

Marie said...

These look great.

kathywas said...

Thanks so much for the great instructions, Shari!! I just love what you do with these. This looks like so much fun...I really must give it a try. Now I need to go internet shopping for some scratchboard.

What kind of a tool is it that you use for scratching??

Karen O! said...

Shari, Thanks for the reminder about these little scratchboards. I have done some landscapes with these and was bored with that, but yours are way cooler. I just did a little one, and you are right - they are fun.