Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cleaning (sort of)---not creating today

Been going through a few things in my art room and tidying up a bit. I've decided to post some of my older art. These are spreads that I've done in several Altered Book Round Robins (in other people's books/journals). I've decided this year to do more art for myself than for other people.


vicci said...

Shari....These are great! I don't blame you for doing more ART for yourself!!! It seems like all we do is create...but have nothing to show for it! Hey...don't is a good start for you to get "Creative Again"...and a NEW beautiful car doesn't hurt either! C'mon by anytime..I'll go cruising with you!

Christine said...

haha!! loooove the EYE!! These are wonderful --

justannax said...

I love the new art! They are f a b u l o u s !!!!

I wanted to say thank you so much for leaving lovely comments on my blog!! I really appreciate it!!


justannax said...

ooh found another one of your comments on my blog! :)

Thank you for your kind comments on my art work!!

If you would like to do some art work together you can always come and visit me in the UK :)


Lori said...

Wow Shari....this stuff is so cool! I, myself, am not really artistic. I am now doing digital scrapbooking though. That's as close as I get to 'creative'.

Great stuff girl!:)

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Oh Shari, these are great!!! For some reason, that fish just makes me laugh! Maybe because when I took Claire to Artworks on Friday, one of the things she did was paint all over a big rubber fish that looks just like that one, then slapped it down on some paper to make a print. And for some reason I find that very funny! lol!

annax said...

These are gorgeous!!
I spent many years creating art for others, it is not until the last 6 months orso that I decided to work on my own projects. I found it so difficult to make that switch though...:/ I honestly felt that I could only make art to give away....
I hope it will work out for you, and you will continue making wonderful art!! Joy!

Contessa Kris said...

I agree on spending more time on ourselves. I'm wrapping up several swaps I'm in or running, then I'm focusing on myself as well. LOVE your journal pages... Especially the green one. Is that a honeycomb stamp down the side? Wonderful job!

the_artista said...


I just got the chance to visit your blog and wow... I had such a blast learning more about you and JOEY-- who is an absolute doll, by the way! AND congrats on the HOT new ride girlfriend- WOOOHOOO!

I'm gonna add you to my list of way cool artist blogs on my typepad!!!


Shari said...

Thank you so very much Chrissy!!! You are already on my list of absolutely fabulous blogs---I have been a fan of yours for a long time!!

hugs, shari xxx