Thursday, December 08, 2005

It is snowing (really hard) and it is very, very cold!!

I just took this photo---it is the view out the sliding glass door in my kitchen (right next to my desk) into the park behind my house. The snow is falling really hard and I feel like hybernating tonight!! Actually, I can't hybernate tonight because I am co-teaching an art class at a group I belong to called Women's Wisdom. I began teaching at the beginning of the summer. I am having fun and enjoying bringing collage, altered art and mixed media to the group.

Here is a picture of my Christmas tree ---a much warmer feel!!!


Christine said...

Ooooh looook at that snow! It was almost 80 degrees here today -- hard to relate!!! Your tree is BEAutiful :)

Hayley said...

Hey Shari...i got your message from my blog just is an e-mail address that i don't care "who" gets it because i rarely use it. but i do check it i'll get your e-mail, and THEN i'll give you the address i use daily. sound good?


hope you're well...give that baby kisses!!!

hayley :o)

justannax said...

Oh snow! We have such warm weather her in the midlands in the uk at the moment that I swear I am gonna have a breakdown! I WANT SNOW NOW!

...and your christmas tree looks beautiful!

We are putting ours up tomorrow!


LoriLaurieLauri said...

The tree is beautiful but...that snow scene! Wow! We just don't get that down here in Texas! It's gorgeous!

vicci said...

I love your tree Shari....and I really love the snow! Haven't seen a sight like that for some time here in California!! Vicci

primdollie said...

Hi Shari Dear how are you and Merry Ho Ho and A Very Happy New Year to you and yours!!! hope all is well and looks cold by you as well! we have a warm spell right now and rain and yes mud!!!! think would rather have the snow!! hope to hear from you again soon!! take care!!!
Hugs Linda